Ocean Lakes Camper Storage

Save time, gas and prevent ‘wear and tear’ to your vehicle!

We store travel trailers, 5th Wheels (including Goose Neck style and short bed modified such as SuperGlide and Pull-Rite and even Motorhomes.*

Ocean Lakes offers superior, unmatched service to our camping guests! We will transport your camper onto your reserved campsite at Ocean Lakes as often as you wish to stay with us. There are no additional pull fees (sometimes charged by others to tow your camper each way). We are also equipped to pull the “Goose-neck” style 5th wheel trailers, SuperGlide and Pull-Rite onto and off of your camping site…..you make the reservation and let us make the move!

In order to have your storage camper pulled on site, you must make reservations and contact the Main Office at 1-877-510-1413 no later than two days prior to your arrival.

Camper Storage Payment Portal 

Also see Camper Storage Rates, our Camper Storage Policies information, and Short Term/Utility Trailer Storage Rates.

* Motorhomes: The guest must come into the Main Office and be escorted to the storage area by Security where they will drive their motorhome to and from their reserved site. The Storage and Transport Team continues to make improvements to better serve our valued guests. Our Team now offers convenient “pull through” Motorhome parking in our secured trailer storage lot. This extra space also allows for a single axle car dolly to remain attached to your Motorhome while in storage at no additional fee. (All other trailers – larger than a car dolly are subject to additional storage fees.)

…so once you arrive at Ocean Lakes you can just set up* your camper and enjoy your vacation!

* If you’d like your camper set up for you, contact Ocean Lakes RV Center at 800-226-7716. Our team would be happy to set up/break down your travel trailer or park trailer.

Helpful Hints for Storage Campers

When placing a camper into storage for the first time, please:

  • Remove any equipment from the tongue (i.e. as stabilizer bars and safety chains may be wrapped around and secured to the jack.)
  • Expose the light cord. Every camper is required to have working brakes and running lights. If your camper does not meet these criterias please make arrangements to have it checked ASAP.
  • Check tire pressure. If you need air, please notify us before you depart. If necessary, we will repair or replace tires at owner’s expense.
  • It is a requirement that your sewer hose be at least 20 feet in length.
  • Inform us if you have a storage box or rack on the back of the camper. We pass this information on to our drivers.
  • Remember that campsite check-in time is 3 pm. Ocean Lakes Storage teammates will do their best to have your camper on site as soon as possible, but can not guarantee your camper will be on site when you arrive.

When departing from campsite, please:

  • Remember check out time is 11:00 am.
  • Make sure top vents, windows, doors and all storage compartments are closed and secured.
  • Make sure awning is secured properly.
  • Turn off LP gas.
  • Put steps back into travel position.
  • Close all sewer valves and secure end cap.
  • Make sure all stabilizer jacks are up as high as possible to ensure proper clearance when camper is pulled off the site.
  • Lower TV antenna if needed.
  • Secure carpets or any other type storage items that you decide to store behind the LP gas tanks or on the rear bumper so that the item(s) do not touch the ground or road surface.
  • Place all trash etc. near the white line designated for trash pick up. Please do not place any trash or debris in front of the trailer tongue.
  • Take on final walk completely around the camper to be sure all is secure and ready to be pulled from site.

Travel Trailers

When preparing your trailer to return to storage, on a bumper pull camper, place the hitch in a “nose down” position approximately 6-8 inches from the ground. This final action will indicate to our storage team that your camper is ready for its return to storage, or moved to another site.

Fifth Wheels and Goosenecks

Fifth Wheels and Goosenecks can be left in a level position for pick up when its ready to be returned to storage. We can also transport SuperGlide and Pull-Rite style Fifth wheel hitches (short bed modified 5th wheel campers).

Storage Campers moving from one site to another:

  • Lower the tongue jack in a downward manner 6 to 8 inches from the ground (except 5th Wheels must be at least 48″ from the ground). This final action will indicate to our storage staff that your camper is ready for its return to storage, or moved to another site.
  • Make a walk through inside of your camper and secure all necessary items.
  • Outside, walk around and disconnect all utilities.

If you wish to go to the beach, shopping, etc. please have everything ready, but leave your power cord plugged in. If you decide to do this, please inform the Main Office (843) 238-5636.

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