Campsite Phones

Okay, so most guests today have mobile phones. Complimentary telephone service is provided and available at all transient campsites. Simply plug your telephone into the outlet box, next to your cable TV connection, and you’re ready! Don’t have your own phone? Purchase one at Sandy Mart. Your campsite telephone number is listed on your check-in receipt and in the quick guide below.

The Ocean Lakes Main Office telephone number is:   (843) 238-5636.  Security will answer the phone after hours.

Ocean Lakes Campsite Phone Numbers

2000 Section232 + Campsite Number
3000 Section232 + Campsite Number
4000 Section232 + Campsite Number
HH Section232 + 44 + Campsite No.
H Section232 + 42 + Campsite No.
I Section232 + 43 + Campsite No.
J Section232 + 50 + Campsite No.
K Section232 + 51 + Campsite No.

Quick Phone Instructions:

  • Campsite telephone service problems should be reported to the Ocean Lakes Main Office.
  • To call another campsite: Dial the four digit campsite phone number.
  • All outside calls begin by dialing 9, then the number including the area code. All local calls are free of charge.
  • Local calls: Dial 9, then dial the local number with the area code (843 or the new area code, 854).
  • To dial a toll-free number, dial 9 + 1 + toll-free number.
  • Long distance telephone service is available through Verizon.

911 Instructions

In the case of emergencies, after calling “911” please call Security at (843) 238-5636 to report the emergency so they can escort emergency vehicles to the proper location.

Pay telephones are located at Sandy Mart and the Main Office.

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