Cable TV at Annual Lease Sites

Mandatory Conversion to Digital Cable TV Causing Issues

March 13, 2018: Spectrum converted ALL of the Ocean Lakes’ offices and annual lease sites cable service to digital at midnight March 12, 2018. Our team began a series of communications to all annual lease holders about this upcoming mandatory conversion, some home owners woke up surprised that their television was not receiving a cable signal on Tuesday morning. 

Ocean Lakes’ campsites were converted to all digital on March 5, 2018.

Please know that Ocean Lakes teammates do understand your frustration. Our team has worked endlessly with Spectrum’s staff to try and get the proper information and coordinate this mandatory digital conversion.

Do I need a box for my TV at my annual lease site?
YES, learn more about the equipment needed in our January blog here.

Did Ocean Lakes do anything to Help Lease Holders?
Ocean Lakes’ has worked for months to negoiate with Spectrum on behalf of all of our guests and lease holders. We entered into an ALS Bulk Service Agreement that provides four (4) set-top boxes to each annual lease site at no cost to the leaseholder – an upgrade from the 2 DTA’s (digital television adaptors) originally offered.  The leaseholders will have to go to the Spectrum office (in Garden City, Monday-Friday, or in Myrtle Beach – 1901 Oak Street, Monday-Saturday) to pick up those devices – there is a way they can be shipped to the leaseholder however, you will need to consult with the Spectrum representative for details.

How Can ALSHs get Cable TV?
Learn more at or contact Spectrum’s Bulk Care Service Unit at 1-833-697-7328 or visit the Garden City office at the Oasis Plaza (Monday-Friday) for the 4 boxes (that are included to ALSHs at no charge), or a HD cable box (there is a charge). KEY:  You will need to re-program all of your TVs, this will take time (can be a slow process).

  • TIP:  When you speak to a Spectrum representative…. 
    — If you have an existing relationship/account with Spectrum for premium or expanded channels, or for internet service it should be easier for you to obtain the 4 set-top boxes. (See bulk agreement below.)
    — If you do not have additional services from Spectrum they may not be able to locate the info they need because you do not have an existing account. Your name and site number may not help because the bulk agreement is under Ocean Lakes’ address, 6001 S. Kings Hwy, Myrtle Beach, SC 29575. Ask if they can create a new account. (See bulk agreement below.)
    — When you try to obtain the 4 boxes as an Ocean Lakes Annual Lease Site Holder (ALSH) as part of the Spectrum “bulk agreement” with Ocean Lakes Family Campground be prepared – they may try to direct you to another department. We wish we knew a way to make it easier, frankly, it has been a real struggle on our part, too.
    — We have been made aware that Spectrum has told some ALSHs that they cannot upgrade beyond the included basic channels. We are not sure why Spectrum staff would say that, but we are working on that issue, too.
    We have worked diligently with our Spectrum contacts to notify the Garden City office of our bulk agreement so Spectrum can be prepared for our 2,566 ALSHs.

Do All TVs work with the box?
Spectrum advised us that most TVs work – excluding tube televisions. However, your TV will need a HDMI or composite connection. Depending on the quality of your TV and your premium channel lineup.

FIRST step – hook up the cable box and Program your TV

Turn on your TV and, if you are lucky, it might be one that can “Program” itself (perform a channel search). This process can take several minutes (patience required).

You‘ll probably need to program your TV with a remote. Here’s a general example:
1. Press the “Power” button to turn on the TV.
2. Press the “Menu” button.
3. Select “Set-Up,” “Channel,” “Channel Search”
4. Select “Antenna” then “Cable”
5. Select “Auto Program/Auto Tune” then “OK.”

It will take several minutes to program itself.
TIP: A prayer never hurts!

Where is the OLFC and OLP TV Channels? 
This has been an issue since the change, Spectrum has told us they are on  channels 1390 and 1391 at the Annual Lease Sites.

You Should Have Told Us!
Please know our Ocean Lakes team works diligently to keep our guests and lease holders informed. We relayed information as we were informed by Spectrum. This process has been very frustrating for our team.

  • Stay informed by making sure we have your valid email address in your ALSH files. We push information via email blasts.
  • Read the ALSH Fall Newsletter (it is enclosed with your decals every November).
  • Pay attention to the two Ocean Lakes TV channels (once cable is working again). We use the red alert bar at the bottom to push information out to guests. Example:  the following message began on the OLP channel on February 12, 2018: Spectrum ETA for all digital is 3/13/18. Questions? Go to or channel 75.8 or call Spectrum’s Bulk Care Service Unit at 1-833-697-7328 for information.
  • Download our FREE App from GooglePlay or iTunes, search “ocean lakes” – we send push notices via the app.

Trouble with cable? 

We have been advised by Spectrum that our guests must call them directly when experiencing cable issues.

Please call Spectrum’s Bulk Care Service Unit at 1-833-697-7328.

When asked for your address, give the following information:

  • 6001 S. Kings Highway, Myrtle Beach (the address to Ocean Lakes Family Campground)
  • Give your site number as the “apartment number”

DO NOT give the address to your specific site (for example: 4405 Scallop Drive). This will cause issues identifying your account and delay resolving the problem. We appreciate your patience and understanding in this matter.

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