Squatted Vehicle Policy (front end of vehicle lifted)

Squatted Vehicle Policy begins on Saturday, June 10, 2023 | South Carolina has amended SECTION 56-5-4445, RELATING TO RESTRICTIONS ON ELEVATING OR LOWERING MOTOR VEHICLES, essentially outlawing squatted [trucks] vehicles due to safety concerns. Ocean Lakes also has safety concerns due to the number of people, pedestrians, golf cars, scooters, and bikes. We will no … Continue reading Squatted Vehicle Policy (front end of vehicle lifted)

Policy Questions?

Looking for policies about Golf Cars, Cancellations, Drones, Pets, behavior, Beach Laws, Uber/Lyft/Door Dash, etc.? First – be cautious about what you read anywhere by OceanLakes.com (including social media pages and groups). 1. Go to the “About Us” menu and select Policies to view General Park Policies, Campsites, Pets, Golf Cars, Rentals, Beach Laws, etc. … Continue reading Policy Questions?

Mail and Packages

RECEIVING MAIL & PACKAGES | Package Deliveries UPS and FedEx are the ONLY package delivery services that can deliver mail/packages inside Ocean Lakes to a site (and will do so between Labor Day to Memorial Day). Please see our policy on Uber/Lift/ DoorDash and other delivery services (not UPS or FedEx). Any other package delivery … Continue reading Mail and Packages

About Uber, Lyft, Taxis

Several taxi services can drive you directly to your site; please ask Security for a current list of Taxi companies, or ask at any of our offices (see below). Uber/Lyft/Door Dash drivers, etc., can drop off/pick up at the Main Entrance in designated areas: April-October in 15-minute Parking ONLY (located beside exiting traffic lanes), during … Continue reading About Uber, Lyft, Taxis

Can I have visitors?

Yes, visitors are allowed to come in and see our guests. We get many visitors. Please make sure your friends know your site number and the name the reservation is under. There is a $15 charge for “Visitor’s Passes” and they MUST check-in at the Main Office. Visitor Tip:  We have limited overflow parking for … Continue reading Can I have visitors?

Do you allow motorcycles?

Motorcycles are not allowed to ride through the park under power. However, guests may take their motorcycles to their sites via a trailer or in-tow. See our Motorcycle Policies.

Do your gates close?

Our gates are open 24 hours a day and we feature 24 hour Security patrol. Guests can reach the Main Gate 24/7 by calling (843) 828-4847. Download the Ocean Lakes free app featuring a direct dial feature to many of our offices and services.

Can we shoot fireworks?

Fireworks are prohibited on the beach and oceanfront properties that have been deemed and posted as a Firework Prohibited Zone. Ocean Lakes Security does their best to protect the safety of our guests by upholding these SC laws, however, the Horry County Police have jurisdiction on the beach. See Policies: Beach Laws.

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