Sandy Harbor Pools

Water Park Hours — See Hours below

Ocean Lakes Family Campground has several beautiful pools, including our water park amenities at Sandy Harbor (see Pool Rules for height/weight safety info). A large sun deck that includes reclining chairs for sunbathing, several kiddie pools, and our interactive wading pool Sandy Harbor Splash Zone.  The pool deck is surrounded by landscaping and is part of the Sandy Harbor Family Fun Center with restrooms and changing areas.  Enjoy a meal or snack at Sandy Harbor Cafe adjacent to the pools and Sandy Harbor Mini-Golf.  Certified Lifeguards are on duty during the summer season.  Ocean Lakes takes great care with its pools, which are serviced daily. The “All-Seasons” indoor pool is open year-round and is heated in the wintertime.  Water aerobics has become very popular throughout the year with guests of all ages.

There are 2 sections to Sandy Harbor pools.
You will see a fence dividing the two sections so that we can keep one section open during the year. One section is the Indoor/Outdoor Olympic-sized pool with two small kiddie pools. This does NOT require Lifeguards and has the longest operational hours throughout the year. The Indoor Pool is open all year!  The other section is Sandy Harbor Water Park which includes the huge Adventure (lazy) River, Splash Zone interactive play structure for kids with slides, The Tube slide, Drop Zone Mat Racer 4-lane slide, and the Tad Pool for tots. The Water Park has a shorter season and hours. Due to safety, SHWP has specific Lifeguard requirements for operation (see the bottom of the page for more info).  WEATHER will also impact Sandy Harbor’s aquatic amenities. Learn about weather closings.

Sandy Harbor Water Park Pool Hours

Many are curious about Sandy Harbor’s “season,” as similar facilities generally close on Labor Day (see below for our 2023-24 pool hours).

Our plan is to have Sandy Harbor Water Park fully operational from Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day. After that, we will scale back to more of an “hours as posted” operation for May and September. That may include shutting off the slides on the Drop Zone, The Tube, and Splash Zone during the week while leaving the other parts of Sandy Harbor open for guests. Kids can still play on Splash Zone even if those smaller slides are shut down/closed off. We want to open the slides on the weekends. Generally, all the outdoor pools close in October when it gets too chilly to swim. The indoor pool is open every day. (See hours below.)

Generally, Ocean Lakes’ [older] outdoor pools (not Water Park) have always opened for swimming at Easter.  The new Sandy Harbor Water Park style amenities will probably be open Easter Weekend only, then close until May. In May, it will be open on weekends with “hours as posted*” until Memorial Day Weekend. That may include shutting off the slides on the Drop Zone, The Tube, and Splash Zone while leaving the other parts of Sandy Harbor open for guests. We appreciate everyone’s patience as we find what works best for our operational needs.

See Sandy Harbor Water Park Hours below. The Outdoor Pools (including the Water Park) close for swimming in the fall. The Indoor Pool is open all year! Learn about weather closings.

HOURS | Indoor/Olympic-size Outdoor Pool ONLY (not the Water Park hours)

In-Season Hours:  Memorial Day-Labor Day (Lifeguard on Duty)
Monday – Saturday: 9 AM – 10 PM, Sunday 10 AM – 10 PM*
Adult Swim Only Daily: 5 PM – 6 PM

Off-Season Hours: Labor Day thru Spring
Monday – Saturday: 9 AM – 9 PM, Sunday 10 AM – 9 PM*

HOURS | Sandy Harbor Water Park Hours for 2023-24*
(The Water Park is: Adventure River, Splash Zone, The Tube slide, and Drop Zone slide.)

Big Question: Is Sandy Harbor Water Park open right now?
Tip: Check the Water Park Cam!

Easter Weekend** | Sandy Harbor Water Park should be open for the big Easter Weekend crowds (as much as we possibly can and weather permitting).
Friday, March 29 through Sunday, March 31, 2024:  10 AM – 6 PM**
(After Easter SHWP will shut down until May 1.)
**EASTER NOTE: Water Park MAY close early Easter Weekend due to weather conditions including temperature.

May* | Starting May 1, SHWP will be open on the weekends only with “hours as posted” until Memorial Day Weekend. Opening the Water Park may include shutting off the slides on the Drop Zone, The Tube, and Splash Zone while leaving the other parts of Sandy Harbor Water Park (the Adventure River and Splash Zone structure) open for guests.

Summer | Our Water Park will open full-time on Memorial Day Weekend and continue through Labor Day.
Beginning Friday, May 24, 2024: the Water Park will be open 10 AM-6 PM Daily.
[When staffing allows (enough Lifeguards), Water Park hours will be Mon-Sat 9 AM-10 PM, Sunday 10 AM-10 PM.]
Indoor/Outdoor Olympic-sized pool hours are:
Mon-Sat 9 AM-10 PM, Sunday 10 AM-10 PM.

Fall* | Our water park will stay open under “Hours as Posted” through Sept. 1 – 30.* Opening the Water Park may include shutting off the slides on the Drop Zone, The Tube, and kids’ Splash Zone while leaving the other parts of Sandy Harbor Water Park open for guests (the Adventure River and Splash Zone structure).

“Hours as posted” and weather permitting:

  • Labor Day – Sept. 29: 
    • Open Monday – Friday, 10 AM – 6 PM  – Adventure River, Splash Zone (all slides will be closed including The Tube, Drop Zone Mat Racer, and Splash Zone for kids).
  • Labor Day – Sept. 29 (WEEKENDS):
    • Open Saturday – Sunday, 10 AM – 6 PM – Adventure River, Splash Zone, Drop Zone Mat Racer, The Tube.
  • Open Every Day, 10 AM – 9 PM – Indoor/Older Outdoor Pools (not Adventure River or Splash Zone) 

* Hours NOTE:  Sandy Harbor Water Park defines all the Water Park elements, not JUST the slides. We appreciate everyone’s patience as our team works hard to provide this amenity for your enjoyment.

Why the Water Park may not be open:

Many factors influence whether the water park can stay open – the weather is just one of them. Learn about weather closings.

Finding certified Lifeguards is another reason water parks typically cannot open (or close on Labor Day). Most of the Lifeguards who work all summer are High School and College students. We actually start to lose students at the beginning of August as students prepare to head back to class. This is in line with the traditional summer season of Memorial Day to Labor Day. Today Myrtle Beach (and Ocean Lakes) experience a much longer season (known as the “shoulder seasons”).

School makes finding certified Lifeguards before Memorial Day and after Labor Day a big challenge. Because of the caliber of our slides (The Tube and Drop Zone) and our other Water Park features (Splash Zone slides, river), we are required by the state to have a certain number of certified Lifeguards working for the Water Park to open. We simply are not going to operate the Water Park without the certified Lifeguards. It’s a challenge with Lifeguards in short supply while school is in session.

We understand that our guests want to enjoy Sandy Harbor Water Park and it is our priority to find the teammates we need. We begin recruiting Lifeguards during the winter months and throughout the season into August and September.

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