Sandy’s Down Under (SDU) Skate Board Park!


They asked for it! Enjoy the ramp, bars, and concrete you need to have fun – shade, too!
(Helmets, elbow and knee pads are required.)

A Place Just for Teens

SDU Hours:
The parent or guardian must sign a permission form in the Recreation Office for the Skater admittance wristband.

In Season: Open 9 AM – 6 PM (Memorial Day – Labor Day) 
Off-Season: Typically open upon request conditions permitting (see the Recreation Office).
SDU is normally open for spring breakers at Easter.

During the last few years, Ocean Lakes has focused more attention on a special group of our guests – teens. This age group features some of the most sophisticated and educated consumers. (If you are a teen reading this – face it – you grew up with global buying power and info! You are just waiting to drive a car, or at Ocean Lakes…the golf car. Once that happens we know you’ll be on your own.)

But until then, we have a place just for you – Sandy’s Down Under (SDU for short). Talk about a room with a view! The windows look out onto the ocean and it’s air-conditioned with fresh ocean breezes. The finishing touches are being added right now! With an Australian paint scheme and graffiti art, you’ll find it the place to be. It’s located under the Oceanfront Observation Deck. It’s a place to meet friends, listen to music, swing in a hammock, skate, watch skaters, and more.

So, we want to hear from you! Once you’ve been – what do you think? We hope you like it. But respect it – we had to fight for the space! You and your friends have the power to make it work.

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