Handicap Access – Guest with Special Needs

beach wheel chairsOcean Lake Family Campgrounds works hard to make all of our guests comfortable. For guests with special needs, we have created a handicap accessible environment. Golf cars can be rented to assist those with special needs in traveling throughout the campground. If you, or someone in your family, needs assistance inform one of our teammates immediately – we will be happy to assist you. Many of our teammates carry hand held radios and can alert Security or another teammate of a problem or special need.

In the Case of an Emergency…

Should someone in your family need medical treatment, there is an Emergency Room approximately 3 miles from our Main Entrance. In the case of an emergency, all campsites have a modem-friendly phone jack and feature free local calls. If emergency medical service is needed dial 9-1-1, then call our Main Office (dial 9 for an outside line) then (843) 238-5636. This call is important because it alerts Security so they can be ready to escort emergency vehicles quickly to your site. Remember to inform everyone of your site number! Many of our Security teammates are trained in performing CPR. Ocean Lakes has a very strong relationship with all emergency services, local law enforcement and several doctors’ offices.

Ocean Lakes hopes that knowing that we are prepared for emergencies will help you relax and enjoy piece of mind about being away from home.

Physically Challenged

Most of our amenities are on ground level, without stairs. For those guests that are physically challenged, the few buildings and structures that have stairs, also feature ramps. Many of the beach accesses are wheelchair accessible, and some even feature decks, providing a level place to sit on and watch the ocean. In the event a guest in a wheel chair would like to enjoy the beach, Ocean Lakes and Horry County has beach wheel chairs equipped with large wheels to travel over sand. These special beach chairs can be picked up at Ocean Lakes Recreation Office. The beach wheelchairs are first come, first serve by the day. We do not reserve them ahead of time and they can only sign out a chair for the day, then it has to be turned back in before we close that evening. Please call (843) 238-0130 with any questions. The swimming pools are more accessible with the use of our handicap lift (to get in and out of the water), just visit the Recreation Office. All of our streets are paved for a smoother ride – all 29 miles throughout Ocean Lakes!

Visually Challenged

For the visually challenged, note that pets are permitted at all campsites. If you are renting a unit, please let them know you are bringing a guide dog. (Pets are generally not permitted in the rental units.) Note that between Memorial Day and Labor Day, dogs are not permitted on the beach from 9 AM until 5 PM. So, you will want to let the lifeguards know you have a guide dog if you decide to go to the beach or pool. (Also see Pet Policies for additional information about pets.)

Mentally Challenged

For those guests that are mentally challenged, Ocean Lakes has special identification wristbands. I.D. Wristbands are available in the Recreation Office, the Main Office, and at Ocean Lakes Properties. Guests are welcome to stop by one of these offices to pick up a wristband. These colorful wristbands are printed with the name of the campground. Guests often put their site number on the wristband to help identify children and those with special needs should they become lost. Wristbands are free of charge.

Hearing Impaired

We have had many guests that are hearing impaired, please let our teammates know how we can assist you. There is signage throughout the park and visual materials will be of aide. If you are hearing impaired, it would be appropriate (and possibly more convenient for you) to contact Ocean Lakes via e-mail regarding a reservation.

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