Lakeside Paws N’ Play

Featuring our Dog Park & Dog Wash

Ocean Lakes features two newer amenities for a very special demographic…our dogs! Our Team has utilized an entire acre of land for the dog park and DIY wash stations. Both amenities are located beside each other next to the Nature Center Discovery Lab on Lake Magnolia.

Ocean Lakes dog park logo for Lakeside Paws N' PlayLakeside Paws N’ Play

This newer amenity sits in a beautiful, partly shaded, lakeside location. A generous golf car path runs along the exterior perimeter. It is designed so the furbabies have a fenced area to jump, run, and play! It features four playground attractions: the Elevation Station, the Ramp-n-Run, the K-9 Kopter, and a special place for pup pics. Upon entering the park there is a de-leashing area for pet parents to unleash their dogs before entering the dog park.

All that fun will have pups panting, but don’t worry, there is a pup-friendly drinking fountain to keep the furbabies hydrated. And what would your visit be without a photo of your favorite furry companion? The doggie camper located inside Lakeside Paws N’ Play provides the perfect spot for those priceless pet photos. 

Our Lakeside Paws n’ Play is for K9 fun and exercise! Pet parents please exercise caution and be aware of your furbaby’s limitations and personality. Please note our Friendly Doggie Etiquette Tips for Humans listed below and also posted at the dog park. To fetch help, call the Main Gate at 843.828.4847 and they will dispatch Security.

This is new to all of us, so we may need to adjust our etiquette tips [policies] during 2022 to help keep the peace. These changes will be noted here online. Thank you for your understanding and have fun!

Dog wash logo for Sandy's Wash N' WagSandy’s Wash N’ Wag

It is a great place to remove that salt, sand, and soggy doggie smell!
Ocean Lakes’ dog wash features two DIY wash stations on a concrete pad beside the Lakeside Paws N’ Play. The dog wash features High-Grade Stainless Steel tubs, all-natural products including a free disinfect mode, a convenient pause feature, configurable Bonus Time (with cash or credit card), a convenient 2-Speed Turbo Dryer, and more.

Bathing is a breeze (watch our video) and worry-free with all-natural products applied with the spray wand (mixed with the water). The all-natural shampoo is gentle and is popular for its nice green apple fragrance. K-9 parents love the long-lasting coat conditioner. Protect your furbaby with the non-medicated, all-natural flea and tick leave-in rinse that lasts for about 10 days.

The price of each wash is $8. Payment can be made with Cash (change is NOT available) or Credit Card (please note: if you add time during the active cycle, the minimum credit card charge will be $4).

We are proud to say that Sandy’s Wash N’ Wag machines are proudly made in the USA and manufactured in Wilmington, NC!

To fetch help, call the Main Office at 843.238.5636, and they will dispatch Maintenance.

WATCH THIS video to learn more about using Sandy’s Wash N’ Wag DIY dog wash!

Lakeside Paws N’ Play Hours |

In-Season | April 1-October 1 | 7 AM-8 PM
Off-Season | October 2-March 31 | 8 AM-5 PM

Wash N’ Wag  Season|

Hours are the same as the Dog Park
Closes for Winter |
December 1 – February 28

Friendly Doggie Etiquette Tips for Humans

  • Keep your fur baby in view at all times and make sure they can hear your voice.
  • Help avoid issues – keep dog and human treats out of the park.
  • Adorn your beloved fur baby with a collar and its bling (current tags, rabies, etc.).
  • Help keep it a happy place, no bossy or aggressive attitudes, please (fur babies or pet parents). We all have bad days, so try again tomorrow.
  • For their health, your pup can join the fun after they have celebrated their 3-month birthday!
  • Wellness is the key! Please make sure all shots are up to date and your pup is not contagious. 
  • While many find love at Ocean Lakes, K9 romance is not allowed. If your pup starts to get affectionate (or is in heat), please depart the park.
  • Please, no smoke signals (either cigarettes or vaping).
  • This playground and equipment are just for doggies; please explain this to your kiddos.
  • Heads up! Just as some humans find dogs intimidating, some kiddos can be a little scary to our fur babies because they stand at eye level to the pup.
  • Please pick up the doggie doo immediately, nobody enjoys cleaning their shoes!
  • Our Lakeside Paws n’ Play is for K9 fun and exercise! Pet parents, please exercise caution and be aware of your fur baby’s limitations and personality. 
  • For the safety of the kiddos AND dogs, children MUST be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  • Ocean Lakes is not responsible for the actions of dogs or owners within the dog park.
  • Play Time | In-Season (April 1-October 1): 7 AM-8 PM | Off-Season (October 2-March 31): 8 AM-5 PM.
  • To fetch help, call the Main Gate at 843.828.4847.

Please see our general Pet Policies page for more pet info.

With our iCare Program in Mind

Most of the Lakeside Paws N’ Play items were made in-house, many with recycled materials by our very talented Maintenance Teammates. Multiple landscape islands were added from repurposed plants and grasses from the H-Bathhouse, as well as three 8-foot benches for our human guests to sit and relax while the doggie guests play.

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