Ocean Lakes Laundry Facilities – Sandy’s Soapy Suds

Laundry won’t seem as bad at Sandy’s Soapy Suds featuring 100 machines in heated and air-conditioned comfort. Large items, like blankets and sleeping bags can be washed in our oversize washers. Guests can purchase detergent at our convenient on site vending machines or at the adjacent Sandy Mart. Seating is provided for waiting guests. Folding and sorting laundry is more enjoyable at our large tables. Or forget doing your laundry and let us do it at Sandy’s Fluff n’ Fold.

Sandy’s Soapy Suds is located in the Camptown Center on Ocean Lakes Drive. It is open 24/7 for guest convenience.

Commemorative brick pavers are available for families who dream of always being part of Ocean Lakes. The brick pavers are a great gift for the beach lover in your family, or in honor of a loved one. Proceeds will be donated to our company’s designated charities. Learn more here.

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