Free Wi-Fi – Wireless Zones

For those who need to stay wired, guests can enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi on their devices at the Wireless Zones. Complimentary Wi-Fi is located in the Camptown Center, Sandy Harbor Cafe, the Recreation Building and Sandy Harbor Water Park.

Guests can enjoy this covered outdoor seating overlooking a large wooden deck nestled in the corner built around our majestic Live Oak trees. The adjacent deck provides additional seating and features a raised stage. Sandy’s Center Stage features performers including storytellers, musicians and magicians at the deck’s raised gazebo. During the fall and winter, guest will enjoy visiting with family and friends around the deck’s cozy fire pit.

Free Wi-Fi for ALL Guests:

Visit the Wireless Zones located in the Camptown Center, the Recreation Center, Sandy Harbor Cafe and Sandy Harbor Water Park. This Complimentary Wi-Fi does not require the guest to log-in. Simply go  to Wi-Fi Settings, then search for the Network called  “StarfishWi-Fi.”

Rental Guests:

Annual lease sites may or may not include Wi-Fi depending on each annual lease site holder’s internet contract with Spectrum. Ocean Lakes Properties can assist in identifying their rental sites with Wi-Fi.

Campsite Guests:

Wi-Fi is complimentary at our 859 campsites with options to upgrade service to Wi-Fi Plus and Wi-Fi Premium. Simply go to Wi-Fi Settings, then search for the Network called  “Campsite.” (Detailed directions for guests staying at a campsite are on our detailed blog with video.)

Connecting to Wi-Fi

  1. Open your wireless utility.
  2. Find the access point with strongest signal, examples:

                Free Wireless Zones connect to “StarfishWi-Fi

                Campsite guests will connect to “CampsiteWi-Fi

  1. Click on the access point to connect.

Wi-Fi Challenges:

Signal strength can be affected by the construction material of your RV, inclement weather, trees and nearby structures. Internet speeds can vary due to the number of guests connected to the wireless network and the amount of data they are using. Streaming movies (especially HD), gaming and music greatly impact the Wi-Fi experience for all guests.

Need access to a computer?

If you are not traveling with a computer you can still access the internet from 2 public libraries (each within 2 miles from Ocean Lakes).

Surfside Library – 410 Surfside Dr, 843-238-0122.
Socastee Library – 141 – 707 Connector Rd, 843-215-4700.

More library info here: Horry County Libraries

Commemorative brick pavers are available for families who dream of always being part of Ocean Lakes. The brick pavers are a great gift for the beach lover in your family, or in honor of a loved one. Proceeds will be donated to our designated charities. Learn more here.

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