Pet Policies

(Please also see the policies for the Lakeside Paws N’ Play below.)

Ocean Lakes is happy to have your entire family, including your pets! Pets (excluding rottweilers, pit bulls, and exotic animals) are allowed at all campsites. Pets are not permitted in our rental sites – sorry! Pet policies while you are at the campground:

  • Sorry, pets are NOT permitted in Ocean Lakes Properties’ rental units, but we do welcome pets at our Campsites!
  • Do not leave your pet unattended at your campsite.
  • Pets MUST be on a leash at all times.
  • Leashes must not exceed 6 feet in length.
  • You MUST clean up after your pets and are subject to a $100 fine if you do not! Doggie Doo bags
        are available for your use throughout the campground. (See locations marked on the map).
  • CAUTION – Secure pets on golf cars.
  • No Pit Bulls or Rottweilers. No dangerous, destructive, or exotic pets are allowed.
  • Please visit our Recreation Office for information about having pets on the beach.
  • No loud barking or unruly behavior tolerated.

There is a $100 fine for guests who do not clean up after their pets. (See “Here’s the Scoop on Pets” below.)

Please note other animal-related policies:

  • Horry County Ordinance states it is illegal to feed migratory and domestic waterfowl (geese, swans, ducks, cormorants, etc.) unless you are on a Wildlife Management Area (WMA) Property. The purpose is to prevent attracting migratory and domestic waterfowl to or near residential areas.
  • Animal cruelty, harassment, molestation, torture, or injury will not be tolerated. This extends to all wildlife, including waterfowl, nests, and eggs. Do not catch, take, or sell wildlife. Our fish are “catch and release,” do not kill. SC DNR will be contacted at our discretion based on the circumstances.

Park Policies: PDF | v. 12.31.23

Pet Beach Laws

Ocean Lakes has nearly one mile of oceanfront in Horry County limits featuring 22 marked beach accesses.
Please note the change in Horry County’s pet policy as of Beach Ordinances.

  • Please be aware that in Horry County, pets are not allowed on the beach from 10 AM – 5 PM, May 1 – Labor Day. (This includes the beach in front of Ocean Lakes.)
  • Surfside Beach does not allow pets on the beach at any time from May 15 – September 15. Be aware that Surfside will fine dog owners $500 per dog during this time. (Surfside Beach begins at the South end of Ocean Lakes’ beachfront at the Holiday Inn and the city limits end at Melody Lane.)
  • Pets must be on a 7-foot leash at all times on the beach, in control, and pet waste picked up.

Fireworks and Your Pet

Please note, fireworks are not permitted inside Ocean Lakes Family Campground, however, they are a popular pastime on the beach. Please keep this in mind while selecting your site in Ocean Lakes if your pet is disturbed by fireworks. Fireworks are currently permitted on Horry County beaches – BEWARE of County Quiet Hours. (Ocean Lakes Security has jurisdiction to the sand dunes, Horry County Police have jurisdiction over the beachfront East of the sand dunes should problems arise or you have a complaint. Ocean Lakes Security works very closely with the Horry County Police.)

Annual Pet Celebration Day

July 4th &  Halloweekends
Proceeds to benefit local charities for animals in need.

Ocean Lakes feels pets deserve their special day too! In honor of all pets, we’ve decided to have a Pet Celebration Day. We will have two contests, anything goes and a patriotic pet contest, along with special pet vendors and pet adoptions.

Contest prizes include free nights of camping, attraction tickets, and other great stuff. All contests are $5 each to enter and all proceeds go to benefit local charities for animals in need.

Please note: Crowd-friendly pets are welcome. All pet policies apply.
Pets are welcome in the Recreation Building for the Pet Celebration.

Please sign up in advance at the Recreation Office for the contest.
“Patriotic Pet Parade” – Dress your pet in 4th of July style or just dress them up in any style!

Lakeside Paws N Play dog park sign at Ocean LakesLakeside Paws n’ Play

We have created a special place just for our canine family members. Our 1-acre dog park is located beside Magnolia Lake and the Nature Center Discovery Lab. Our Lakeside Paws N’ Play features a shaded area for leashless fun, play, and running! Also enjoy using Sandy’s Wash N’ Wag (adjacent to the dog park).

Friendly Doggie Etiquette Tips for Humans
Keep your fur baby in view at all times and make sure they can hear your voice.
• Help avoid issues – keep dog and human treats out of the park.
• Adorn your beloved fur baby with a collar and its bling (current tags, rabies, etc.).
Help keep it a happy place, no bossy or aggressive attitudes please (fur babies or pet parents).
   We all have bad days, so try again tomorrow.
• For their health, your pup can join the fun after they have celebrated their 3-month birthday!
• Wellness is the key! Please make sure all shots are up to date and your pup is not contagious.
For the safety of the kiddos AND dogs, children MUST be accompanied by an adult at all times.
• While many find love at Ocean Lakes, K9 romance is not allowed. If your pup starts to get
   affectionate (or is in heat), please depart the park.
• Please, no smoke signals (either cigarettes or vaping).
• This playground and equipment are just for doggies, please explain this to your kiddos.
• Heads up! Just as some humans find dogs intimidating, some kiddos can be a little scary to our
   fur babies because they stand at eye level to the pup.
• Please pick up the doggie doo immediately, we all hate cleaning our shoes!
Our Lakeside Paws n’ Play is for K9 fun and exercise! Pet parents please exercise caution and
   be aware of your fur baby’s limitations and personality.

Play Time – In-Season (April 1-October 1): 7 AM-8 PM
                        Off-Season (October 2-March 31): 8 AM-5 PM
                              (Wash N Wag closed Dec. 1-Feb. 28)
Ocean Lakes is not responsible for the actions of dogs or owners within the dog park.

To fetch help, call Security at the Main Gate: 843.828.4847.

Ocean Lakes reserves the right to modify these policies as needed for the safety of all.

Here’s the Scoop about Pets

Pets are one of the big reasons that people camp and we consider them part of the family at Ocean Lakes. We try to keep our policies simple and only modify them when necessary. Unfortunately, a modification is now a necessity to address one of our guests’ #1 complaints.

There are a lot of good pet parents out there who do the right thing, and we appreciate it! But it’s time to alter our tactics to get the attention of those who refuse to clean up after their pet. We have debated how to do this for years, and our recent experience has proven that some people will not comply unless there is a literal cost associated with ignoring the policies and requests to be courteous to others. On January 1, 2014 we began to enforce a $100 fine for guests who do not clean up after their pets.

Rest assured that this is not a source of revenue for Ocean Lakes. Every penny will be donated to our favorite animal charity. Our team relies on local pet care charities to help take care of injured animals found in our park, such as swans and ducks.

There will be no DNA testing necessary. We have plenty of teammates and undercover eyewitnesses who are willing to help reduce pet pollution by reporting guests who refuse to “scoop the poop.” In season, we have nearly 500 teammates, many not only work here but live and play here, too, making them valuable eyewitnesses. Even in the off-season, there are nearly 170 teammates.

Pet waste is more than gross – it is detrimental to our environment and humans. Pet pollution is carried by storm water runoff that contributes to high bacteria levels in our waterways and beaches after it rains. Ocean Lakes’ iCare Program, established in 2009, focuses on educating our guests about issues that impact the environment in our area and suggests action to address these issues. A plastic shopping bag works fine for collecting pet waste. Also, there are 28 iCare “Doggie Doo Stations” located throughout the campground (they are marked on our maps). Each station provides biodegradable bags for guests to use to clean up after their pet. These bags amount to quite an investment for Ocean Lakes, so please take only what you need so there is enough for others (we aren’t sure why some take an entire roll as they aren’t so good for packing lunches).

Service Dogs

We permit a legitimate service dog(s) that meet the ADA guidelines. Please note the Horry County laws above. If you need to take your service dog to the beach, Horry County Police asks that you not play with the dog during the no dog hours (such as throwing a ball or frisbee).

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