Ocean Lakes Prepares for Hurricane Florence

Ocean Lakes closing on Wed., Sept. 12 at 3 PM for Hurricane Florence

Monday, Sept. 10, 2018 – Ocean Lakes Family Campground will close at 3 PM, Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2018 due to Hurricane Florence. We are under a mandatory evecuation as of Noon Tuesday, Sept 11, 2018. Authorities will reverse all lanes on Highway 501 away from Myrtle Beach, SC at Noon on Tuesday.

Our team has been implementing our Emergency Preparadness Plan and will continue to secure our property and needs time to make final preparations.

Our phone lines are EXTREMELY busy and we appreciate your patience. Please note our Main Office will be open 8 AM – 10 PM Monday and Tuesday, and 8 AM- 3 PM on Wednesday. If you have a campsite  or OLP rental reservation arriving now through Saturday, Sept. 15 (or depending on storm damage possibly later) we give a full refund/the deposit. Please have your Reservation # when you call to expedite cancellation. Call our Campsite Reservation line at 877-510-1413 or Rental Reservation at 800-845-2229 to cancel your reservation.

Ocean Lakes’ team will begin final preparations and closing amenities on Tuesday, Sept. 11th.

Guests have until 3 PM Wednesday to pick up their Storage Camper (see details below) and Storage Golf Car and to secure their annual lease site (board windows, etc.). Contractors are permitted to work on site during normal hours, 8 AM – 6 PM Monday and Tuesday, and until 3 PM on Wednesday.

Due to the sudden increase in requests for Storage Camper pick up we will enact our emergency policy for picking up Storage trailers from this point on. Our Storage team drivers will be here until 9 PM tonight, Monday, Sept. 10 and Tuesday to pull out guest Storage trailers only when the guest is physically here to pick it up, this is due to space restraints in our drop zones. Guests: please only arrive to remove storage campers from 8 AM – 11 AM on Tuesday. The earlier in the day the better to expedite the process of camper removal – preferably early– to allow our team time to address each request. This will also mean that we will not be pulling any trailer to a drop zone after 9 PM, Monday, Sept. 10th.  You will need to check into the Main Office to sign your camper out. The motor homes will be allowed to go in the west lot with escort to pick up their own unit.

We know you are concerned and our team is working to answer your call – our phone lines are receiving hundreds of calls per hour. Please refrain from calling our lines if it is not necessary. Please allow us to push information to you via Ocean Lakes’ website, Facebook, Blog, eBlasts (sign up here) and free App.

PLEASE remember this is our home. We understand that guests and lease holders are concerned about their property, but we would appreciate the consideration of our teammates and their families who may be dealing with damage to their homes. We do our best to provide outstanding customer service, but Grand Strand is OUR PRIMARY RESIDENCE and our place of employment. We appreciate everyone’s patience, understanding, and prayers as our team juggles their families’ needs with our guests’ needs. This includes the inevitable barrage of phone calls, emails, and the constant social media requests.


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