Guest Rate Ocean Lakes Family Campground an “A” Grade Rating

Oceanfront Campground Is The Only One In The Carolinas To Receive An “A” Grade From GuestRated Customer Satisfaction Survey

March 2, 2015, Myrtle Beach, S.C. — Ocean Lakes Family Campground, in Myrtle Beach, S.C., received an “A” grade on 2014 consumer surveys from the annual GuestRated™ satisfaction survey of independent parks. A six-time honoree, Ocean Lakes is the only campground or RV park in the Carolinas to receive this distinction. Only 34 out of 4000 campgrounds and RV parks received the “A” rating.

“If you do the math, that amounts to fewer than one in 100 campgrounds, RV parks and resorts receiving all around ‘A’ ratings in our consumer surveys,” said Bob MacKinnon, a former Disney Company executive who founded, an online rating system for public and privately owned and operated campgrounds.

Indeed, while online surveys typically give consumers the ability to post their comments, most online survey forms ask consumers to rate only a few things, like value, location, cleanliness and service., by contrast, solicits consumer feedback on 55 different guest satisfaction questions in addition to providing consumers the ability to post written comments and suggestions.

“We drill down to specifics with our surveys,” MacKinnon said. “For example, we ask: How clean were the showers compared to the toilet areas? Was the bathroom well stocked with supplies? What was the attitude of staff? Did staff have a professional appearance? Were they quick and efficient? How would you rate the safety and security of the park? Ultimately, aims not only to provide consumers with meaningful reviews that can help them identify the best campgrounds, but provide campground operators with letter grades covering every aspect of their park so that they know where to prioritize their improvements and create a better guest experience.” announced the top public and privately owned campgrounds via press release. More than 30,000 surveys, containing 55 different guest satisfaction questions, were completed by camping and RV enthusiasts throughout the United States. Consumers were also able to post comments and suggestions.

“Receiving an honor based on the satisfaction of our campers – whether new or returning – means the world to us here at Ocean Lakes,” said Barb Krumm, Director of Marketing and Public Relations for Ocean Lakes Family Campground. “Our top priority is making sure that our guests have the best vacation possible. We’re very proud of our teammates who make this happen.”

Some Upcoming Events For Ocean Lakes Family Campground in 2015:

17th Annual Bluegrass Weekend (Aug. 28 – Aug. 29)

Halloween Weekends (Oct. 16 – Oct. 17, Oct. 23 – Oct. 24, Oct. 30 – Oct. 31)

15th Annual Polar Bear Plunge (Dec. 31)

To reserve a camping site, guests can call (877) 510-1413. To rent one of the campground’s 300 rental houses, they may call (800) 845-2229.

For more information about Ocean Lakes, visit, follow it on Twitter or ”like” the campground on Facebook.

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