Unique Program Provides Guests With Special “Kit” To Pick Up Pet Waste, Litter and Bring Awareness


June 7, 2009, Myrtle Beach, SC – Ocean Lakes Family Campground, a subsidiary of The Jackson Companies, has launched a new program aimed at helping reduce the environmental impact of the campground and its guests, called the iCare Program. The unique approach taken by the campground and its teammates utilize the slogan “Action and Awareness Count!” encouraging guest responsibility and education. The iCare Program complements the efforts of Horry County Storm Water Management and focuses on three things pet waste (pet pollution), litter and recycling.

First, iCare brings awareness to the impact of “pet pollution”, which has been proven to be extremely harmful to the ocean and its marine life. Guests checking in to the campground are asked to use the “iCare Kit” to pick up after their pets. The iCare Kits are available in several locations and the iCare stations feature a doggie figure holding a martini class full of free dog treats. Donation boxes for the Ark Animal Hospital’s NOAH Program are placed near the treats for guests who’d like to support the local rescue program.“The light-hearted spin we have put on the process of picking up after your pet has really been embraced by our guests and we’re excited at what a positive response we’ve gotten from everyone involved,” said Barb Krumm, director of marketing and public relations with Ocean Lakes Family Campground. “Our team recognizes the long-term impact litter and pet pollution have on marine life and we’re working to keep our piece of the puzzle as clean as we can.”

Secondly, iCare encourages guests to help clean up beach litter. Gloves and specially marked bags are also available at the iCare stations. Throughout the campground visitors can dispose of their waste in an iCare trash bag. Krumm credits a letter sent by a longtime guest for this idea, “Our vice president and general manager, Lance Thompson, received a wonderful letter from a guest last fall. He forwarded it to me with a request for marketing’s ideas, within a few weeks the iCare Program began.” Ocean Lakes Family Campground joined in the mission in keeping its mile of beachfront clean by purchasing a large sand sweeper and tractor to use routinely.
Finally, encourage on site recycling. “We struggle with finding someone who has the ability to assist us in collecting the volume of recyclables our guests generate,” explains Krumm. “We have tried things that have failed over the years. We have been doing a lot of research and feel we are very close to a solution with help from staff of Horry County Storm Water Management and the Solid Waste Authority.” Ocean Lakes Family Campground does recycle within its own offices (paper, cans, and cardboard), but knows recycling is a concern of its caring guests as well.

Ocean Lakes is the largest campground on the East Coast and one of the largest in the United States with over 310 acres of campsites. More information about Ocean Lakes and its iCare Program is available at www.oceanlakes.com or by calling 1-877-510-1774. For property rental information call 1-800-845-2229.

About Ocean Lakes Family Campground

Ocean Lakes Family Campground, a division of The Jackson Companies, is the largest campground on the East Coast and one of the largest in the United States. Located in Myrtle Beach, S.C., it has received numerous awards for excellence. It is the 2008-2009 National “RV Park of the Year” and has received that honor from the National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (ARVC) four times. In 2006, Ocean Lakes received the prestigious South Carolina Governor’s Cup for making a significant economic impact on South Carolina. Ocean Lakes covers 310 oceanfront acres with nearly one mile of beachfront. It offers 3,447 sites —  893 of which are large and pull-through to accommodate larger RVs. It was built by Mary Emily and Nelson Jackson and their five daughters, starting in 1970. It opened with 30 campsites and one bathhouse in 1971. On an average seasonal day, Ocean Lakes has 25,000 – 30,000 guests enjoying the countless amenities that have made it a local favorite and a national vacation destination.

Ocean Lakes Family Campground is a division of The Jackson Companies, a family-owned enterprise that includes Prestwick Golf & Country Club, Ocean Lakes Properties, Crystal Lake Mobile Home Village, Ocean Lakes RV Center, and the master-planned development SayeBrook.

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